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Wolturnus W5S

Custom built to your requirements the Wolturnus W5S is the complete package.

Built to last and weighing from 5kg the Wolturnus W5 Streamlined is the go-to everyday wheelchair. Measured to the millimetre the Wolturnus range is built with freedom in mind giving the user the choice without compromising on quality.


One of the Lightest Folding Carbon Fibre wheelchairs for the active user.

Weighing from 8.8kg the Veloce wheelchair has unlimited adjustability and perfect for active users. The innovation behind this model gives it the performance and convenience of a folding chair with the comfort and stability of a rigid chair. It is easy to take along wherever you want to go and once unfolded and ready, offers exceptional handling.

wolturnus wheelchairs, wheelchairs , electric wheelchairs, wheelchair parts, light wheelchairs

Introducing the Susurro brands


Whether you’re young or old, single or have a family, you probably need to handle big and small everyday jobs indoors and out – shopping, walking the dog, playing with your children, cooking and cleaning. Maybe you need to get to and from work, or you have an active lifestyle including sports and outdoor activities.

Whatever your needs and whatever your lifestyle, the Wolturnus’ range offers wheelchairs with functionalities covering most needs and requests from active users. Wolturnus wheelchairs are renowned for their sturdiness and elegant design, combining the advantages of a low-maintenance product with the aesthetics of a designer object.

Motion Composites

Known around the world, Motion Composites has built a reputation as a leader in the design and manufacture of ultralight manual wheelchairs. They use the world’s most advanced materials, draw on innovation, determination and creativity, and pay attention to the smallest detail. Keeping users top of mind, their motivation is matched only by highly skilled engineering and design standards.

Their passion is driven by the quality and uniqueness of our wheelchairs, but also by the satisfaction of making a difference in the life of every person who uses a Motion Composites product. Motion Composites goes beyond the limits of what currently exists to offer a line of wheelchairs synonymous with freedom.


Created in 1994 by founder Robert Benoit, Benoit Systems offers a range of innovative products to motorise manual wheelchairs. For Robert Benoit the idea was to support people with reduced mobility by giving them the tools to cope with different circumstances in everyday life.

Robert Benoit wanted to create a product designed to help people stay independent in their home and so the creation of the Light Drive was born. A motorised device installed on any manual wheelchair that would assist and maintain independence indoors and outdoors. Through the years the product has been developed to meet the needs of young and old as well as an attendant controlled option.

Get out of your

Comfort Zone

Turn your manual wheelchair into a powerchair in seconds

The Light Drive from Benoit Systems

Attached and detached in seconds, compact and easily transportable in any vehicle the Light Drive will give wheelchair users independence to go where they want when they want. Designed and compatible for all manual wheelchairs and also available in attendant, children’s and heavy duty versions.


  • The LIGHT DRIVE let me regain my freedom and independence … it really does go anywhere, nothing stops it: stony paths, grass, even steep ascents and descents, and it’s effortless! It even manages the pavements in town: first class! What a comfort it is to go for a stroll without having to struggle with pushing my wheelchair, to be able to chat with one’s friends in peace, … getting about has become natural!

    Benoit Light Drive
  • This is my 2nd Light Drive. The previous one is 9 years old and I’ve recently changed my wheelchair so I’ve decided to replace my power add-on! My new one is red. The previous one is still working well! I am still using it to avoid damaging the new one. What convinced me at that time and still today is the ease to use the Light Drive, easy to put on and remove from the wheelchair, easy to transport. I’ve travelled to many places with Light Drive, by plane or by train.

    Benoit Light Drive
  • Just when you think things could not get any better, along comes carbon fibre! The APEX is by far the easiest chair I have ever pushed! and the fewer pounds make lifting the chair a breeze. I am also loving the Newton Airgrip handrims, nice and sticky and no plastic or rubber coating to gauge and peel off. At first, I was intrigued by the shape of the front end, more squared than curved like others. Then I grabbed that flat, padded area when transferring in and I was like, “Oh wow! This makes sense!” Off I went! What a difference a fewer pounds makes in combination with the carbon fibre frame. It was a blast! One test-drive and I was sold!

    Motion Composites
  • Now that I have upgraded from titanium to carbon fibre, it is easy to say that I am in the lightest chair I have ever owned. There are many positives about the carbon fibre material: less vibration, light transfers, durable, etc. Furthermore, carbon fibre speaks to my spirit. The things that stuck out the most was the actual design of the chair. For example, the extra platform with padding on the front of the frame… pure genius! It is easy and does not add stress to your hands because of the ergonomic design

    Motion Composites
  • The Wolturnus Hawk has changed my life in the best way possible. It has given me my independence and freedom without compromising on style or comfort. As I travel in cars a fair amount, it is important that a wheelchair is small and light enough and the Hawk definitely covers that! It is compact enough to be able to fit into almost any boot or even on the backseat. Another bonus it that it is extremely easy to assemble as the frame is so lightweight which also helps out when using and manoeuvring the wheelchair.


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