The Antaras is the perfect handbike for athletes who want to exercise occasionally or on a regular basis. The Antaras allows continuous adjustments, according to changing requirements and needs.

Starting from RRP £4,695.00

The Wolturnus Antaras is a handbike with a wide range of adjustable elements. This allows the users to adapt their seating posture continuously.

The hand bike has an adjustable seat depth and back angle as well as an adaptable leg length. Moreover, it can be used with a seated or a recumbent position. The backrest of this handbike is designed ergonomically to give the athletes the necessary support to harness all their energy into propulsion.

The Antaras is also suitable for users with limited balance. The aluminium 7020 frame provides an ideal stiffness to weight ratio. The Antaras has a minimum total weight of 14kg, depending on your choice of equipment and accessories. The Antaras can be equipped with a 250W electrical motor for support. Additionally, the handbike is also suitable for heavyweight users. The users can choose between a wide range of powder-coatings for the frame, which makes the surface resistant to scratching, flaking, and corrosion and very easy to maintain.

Adjustable and strong for exercise, recreation and fun

  • Adjustable seat depth, leg length and back angle
  • High stability and low weight
  • Seated or recumbent position
  • Frame construction with optimum stiffness-to-weight ratio
  • Weight from 14kg
  • Adjustable back allowing continuous adaption of the seating posture.
  • Adjustable seat straps allow modifying seat depth and height over floor. The footrest can be adjusted to fit the preferred leg length.

Antaras Junior

Adjustable handbike for children and teenagers that can meet the changing needs of young athletes. Weight from 11.5kg.

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