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Benoit Systems has established itself as a pioneering brand in the realm of mobility solutions, particularly in enhancing the capabilities of manual wheelchairs through innovative power add-ons. In partnership with Susurro, a leader in providing premium mobility solutions, Benoit Systems introduces a range of products designed to transform the everyday mobility experience for wheelchair users. Susurro, with its commitment to quality and customer-focused approach, perfectly complements Benoit Systems by ensuring that these advanced mobility solutions reach those who need them most across the UK.

Benoit Systems the Light Drive: Empowering Mobility

The Benoit Light Drive is a testament to the innovative spirit of Benoit Systems. This lightweight power add-on effortlessly converts any manual wheelchair into an ultra-light power chair, ideal for navigating through various terrains both indoors and outdoors. The Light Drive is characterized by its discreet and unobtrusive design, maintaining the manual wheelchair’s folding ability and balance. Its installation is swift and simple, detachable within seconds, making it incredibly portable and suitable for various travel scenarios. Users can expect to traverse up to 15 miles with the standard battery, ensuring extensive mobility without the bulk typically associated with powered wheelchairs.

Key Features of Light Drive 

Terrain Versatility: The Benoit Light Drive is expertly engineered to tackle a variety of terrains, effortlessly managing steep slopes, lush grassy fields, and uneven gravel paths. This capability ensures that users can confidently explore new areas and engage in outdoor activities without limitation. The adaptability of the Light Drive enhances mobility freedom, making it a preferred choice for those who desire a versatile mobility solution.

Design and Portability: The Benoit Light Drive’s compact design is meticulously crafted to ensure it does not alter the original dimensions or balance of the wheelchair. This thoughtful engineering preserves the chair’s functionality and ease of use, without the need for cumbersome adjustments. Its portability is a significant advantage, as it can be quickly attached or detached, making it ideal for users who travel frequently or require a flexible mobility solution.

Customization: Available in a variety of colors, the Benoit Light Drive allows users to personalize their equipment to suit their style preferences, making it as fashionable as it is functional. This level of customization not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the wheelchair but also boosts the user’s confidence and satisfaction with a device that looks as good as it performs. This personal touch reflects the user’s personality and ensures their mobility device is uniquely theirs.

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Benoit Systems the Light Assist 2.1: Simplifying Assistance

The Light Assist 2.1 is designed to alleviate the physical strain on attendants who push wheelchairs. This device transforms pushing a wheelchair into a smooth experience, tackling obstacles like pavements and curbs with ease. The Light Assist is not just about mobility but also about safety; it includes features like anti-tippers and motor brakes for downhill control, ensuring a secure journey regardless of the terrain.

Enhanced Features of Benoit Systems the  Light Assist 2.1

Installation Ease The Benoit Light Assist 2.1 is designed for simplicity and quick setup, attaching to any wheelchair in less than 15 seconds. It includes a throttle handle strategically placed on the push handles, allowing for effortless speed adjustment during use. This feature is particularly beneficial for attendants, enabling them to manage speed with ease and precision, thereby enhancing the overall control and safety of the mobility experience.

Innovative Design The Light Assist 2.1 boasts a compact and lightweight design, making it ideal for easy transportation and storage. It has been updated with ergonomic adjustments to the handles and an improved clutch system, enhancing the comfort and usability for attendants. These design innovations not only improve the functionality of the device but also ensure it can be used with a wide range of wheelchairs, making it a versatile choice for many users. The emphasis on ergonomics and ease of use underlines Benoit Systems’ commitment to creating user-friendly mobility solutions

Benoit Systems in Light Drive Mini: Freedom for Young Adventurers

The Light Drive Mini is specially tailored for children’s wheelchairs, fitting seamlessly into wheelchairs sized from 32cm to 40cm wheel-to-wheel. This addition ensures that young users can enjoy the freedom of mobility on all types of terrain, overcoming obstacles with ease. The robust and reliable design of the Light Drive Mini is perfect for the energetic and adventurous spirit of young users, providing a safe and durable solution for everyday challenges.

Benoit Systems Product Highlights

Youthful Independence:The Benoit Light Drive Mini empowers young wheelchair users by enabling them to switch seamlessly between powered and manual modes. This flexibility allows children to maintain a sense of independence and maneuverability, fostering a spirit of self-reliance from an early age. It’s designed to adapt to the energetic lifestyle of children, giving them the freedom to explore and engage with their environment more fully.

Durability and Safety Constructed to endure the daily adventures of children and teenagers, the Benoit Light Drive Mini guarantees durability and safety. Its robust design is built to withstand the vigorous use typical of young users, ensuring reliability for continuous fun and activity. Safety features are integrated to protect against common hazards, providing peace of mind for parents and guardians while supporting the active engagement of youngsters in their daily routines.

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Benoit Systems Light Drive + : The Bariatric Solution

Recognizing the necessity for more robust mobility solutions, the Benoit Light Drive+ is engineered to support individuals weighing from 130kg to a maximum of 240kg. This heavy-duty model is equipped with four powerful motors and a durable battery, enabling it to cover extended ranges effortlessly.

Designed to integrate seamlessly with manual wheelchairs, the Light Drive+ maintains all the advantages of manual mobility, such as maneuverability and ease of use, while providing the additional power needed to support larger users. This blend of power and functionality ensures that it does not compromise the intrinsic benefits of the manual wheelchair, offering a seamless transition to enhanced mobility.

Advantages of Benoit Systems 

High Capacity and Range The Benoit Light Drive+ is meticulously designed to enhance the mobility of heavier users, offering a remarkable range of at least 20km. This extensive range allows users to enjoy greater freedom and independence, accommodating a variety of daily activities and distances without frequent recharges. It’s ideal for those who have extensive mobility needs, ensuring that users can engage more fully in their daily routines and special events.

Adaptability One of the standout features of the Light Drive+ is its universal compatibility with all folding chairs. This adaptability makes it an exceptionally versatile and efficient solution, catering to a wide range of mobility requirements and personal preferences. Whether for personal use or in professional care settings, the Light Drive+ can be easily integrated into existing mobility setups, simplifying the transition to powered mobility without the need for specialized equipment. This flexibility ensures that users can select the best wheelchair for their needs without being limited by compatibility issues

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Benoit Systems Wheelchairs at Susurro  – Enhancing Lives Together

Together, Benoit Systems and Susurro are setting new standards in the wheelchair mobility sector. By integrating cutting-edge technology with user-centric designs, they are not just providing mobility solutions but are enhancing the quality of life for wheelchair users throughout Long Hanborough, UK. Each product in the Benoit lineup is a step towards more accessible, independent, and enjoyable mobility experiences, embodying the commitment of both brands to innovation and excellence in mobility solutions.