Wolturnus Dalton & Wolturnus Dalton Light

The Dalton is a rigid wheelchair for active users, who want a multi-adjustable and detachable footrest.

The active rigid wheelchair with swing away legrests

Starting from RRP £3,275.00

The Dalton is a rigid wheelchair with separate flip-up foot plates, which are adjustable in angle and height. It has swing-away, detachable leg supports which can be mounted or removed easily. This allows an easy and safe transfer into and out of the wheelchair. If it should be necessary to elevate the legs, it is possible to equip the Dalton with an elevating footrest on just one or both sides. The Dalton is customised to suit the individual user’s level of activity, size and strength. The traditional model can be used up to a max user weight of 160 kg. For heavy users, the Dalton can be designed as an extra strong version, which allows a max user weight of 250 kg. For users with max user weight of 80kg Wolturnus offers a lighter alternative to the traditional Dalton version the Dalton Light.

By choosing the adjustable rear axle and an angle and height-adjustable folding back, you can continuously adapt the seating posture. To reduce the weight, the Dalton can also be ordered fully welded.

Finally, the Dalton is also available with a particularly low seat height. The Dalton L is ideal for users who want to foot propel.

  • Customised frame design
  • Separate, flip-up footrests that are angle and height-adjustable
  • Adjustable or welded rear axle
  • Angle and height-adjustable folding back
  • Detachable or fixed side panels
  • Available for any user weight
  • Crash-tested

When you want to be lighter choose the Dalton Light

Starting from RRP £3,589.00

The Dalton Light is easily the lightest rigid wheelchair with swing away removable legrests, weighing approximately 7kg including wheels. It comes with single sided castor forks and has a maximum weight limit of 80kg. The Dalton Light has slimmer 22mm frame tubes, leading to a more elegant look although has the option to be made in 25mm tubing if you are looking to attach a handbike.

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