Experience the freedom with E-Drive and simplify everyday life. The new display is also visible in direct sunlight. The resistance in the lever is adaptable to the need (weaker or stronger springs).

Starting from RRP £5,295.00

The E-Drive is a lightweight power add-on that turns manual wheelchairs into ultralight power chairs.

The Decon E-Drive is a hub mounted power assist device and is controlled by a Joystick.

The E-Drive easily mounts onto your manual wheelchair, to give you power on demand. Two 120w Hub motors offer great power up and down hills, and the option to quickly switch to manual propulsion when desired.

Turn your manual wheelchair into a powerchair in seconds

Using the inherent strengths of manual wheelchairs, our power add-ons give people the freedom to tackle many terrains, remove the logistical problems and turn the journeys into more about the destination than the challenge of getting there

You will be surprised by the lightness and simplicity of use of our power add-ons. They will not change either the overall dimensions of the chair, the folding ability nor the center of balance.

E-Drive is a drive unit that is easily mounted on manual wheelchairs. It is equipped with hub motors of the latest technology. Here you can choose to use the engine or roll yourself. With E-Drive drive units, the opportunity is given for individual adaptation that provides quality for the user. The control is easily done with a joystick.

  • Tackles almost any terrain
  • Discreet & unobtrusive design
  • Suitable for all wheelchairs
  • Indoors & outdoors
  • Lightweight & transportable
  • Distance up to 15 miles
  • Suitable for air travel

Joystick Control

The Decon E-Drive uses a simple joystick controller to operate the wheelchair. It features;

On/Off Switch

Speed adjust

Proportional joystick

Horn button

LCD Display

Attendant Control

There are multiple options that allow an attendant to control the Decon E-Drive;

Dual control: This is ideal for when the occupant would like to independently control the drive, but, when an attendant needs to control the chair occasionally.

Mount Joystick as attendant: This would be used for wheelchairs when the occupant will not require any control of the wheelchair.


Product Weight: 7kg (Each)

User Weight: 125kg / 150kg

Increased Chair Width: Up to 4cm (Total)

Motor Power: 24v 120w x 2

Battery Type(s): NiMh / Li-ion

Maximum Speed: 6km/h

Max Range: NiMh: 18km | Li-ion: 30km

Max gradient: 6 Degrees

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