Wolturnus Fencing

The Wolturnus Fencing chair is a hit for fencers who want to make their point


The Fencing wheelchair is a solid, customised rigid frame wheelchair built with special design features to meet the requirements in fencing.

This unique sports wheelchair is built on a classic Wolturnus rigid frame. The wheelchair is open on one side to make room for fencing, which is often done sideways. The other side is built with a stable and easily accessible handlebar, which is required to ensure a stable seating position for the athlete. The Fencing wheelchair is built from light but extremely solid materials and is always customised to suit the individual needs and requirements of the athlete.

Unique, light and solid

  • Customized fencing wheelchair
  • Selectable wheel position for optimal stability
  • Robust sideguard and handlebar
  • Designed in accordance with international fencing rules
  • Seat plate available in aluminium and carbon
  • Rigid and strong lightweight frame
  • Fixed back
  • No sideguard on the preferred fencing side. The sideguard on the other side has rounded edges for optimal comfort.
  • The seat plate is available in aluminium and carbon. Both materials are light and resilient.
  • Special frame construction with a solid handlebar for a firm hold during competition

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