Wolturnus Gitano Junior & W5 Junior

Maximum Manoeuvrability from the 3 wheeled kids wheelchair

Starting from RRP £3,239.00

Gitano Junior

The position of the individual front wheel enables significantly reduced rolling and turning resistance. The minimalist design also leads to a low overall weight making it more efficient to propel.

The Gitano Junior model is a very agile, three-wheeled wheelchair and is particularly intended for active children who have a good sense of balance and who value freedom of movement. Gitano Junior is equipped with a welded back, a welded rear axle and a very light, stable frame. The entire energy of the child can flow directly into the drive. This wheelchair was designed from the ground up with the aim of achieving an optimal synergy between stability, hardness and weight.

The Gitano model is slightly longer than four-wheeled wheelchairs and with its special design it is in a league of its own when it comes to handling.

W5 Junior

  • The W5 Junior is a custom-made rigid frame wheelchair that has been designed with the optimal interplay of strength and weight in mind.
  • The W5 Junior is available both permanently welded and in an adjustable version.
  • For the welded model, the backrest and rear axle are firmly welded. This makes the W5 Junior extremely stable and robust, which means that all the child's energy can flow directly into the drive.
  • The adjustable model has a continuously adjustable rear axle and so the sitting position can be continuously adjusted.
  • Thanks to an extension kit, the seat width of the W5 Junior can also be extended by up to 3 cm in addition to the seat depth, also the W5 Junior is equipped with a versatile adjustable footrest.
  • The ergonomic seat has seat and back upholstery that can be adjusted using straps. This guarantees an ergonomic, upright sitting position resulting in optimal pressure relief and freedom of movement.
  • The position of the front wheels in front of the footrest guarantees high stability and low rolling resistance.

Gitano Junior Key Features

  • Three-wheel wheelchair for the active child
  • Made to measure according to the child's requirements
  • Welded back and welded rear axle
  • Total weight from 4 kg
  • User weight up to max. 70 kg

W5 Junior Key Features

  • For the active child
  • Welded back and rear axle or fully adjustable version
  • Crash tested and approved for mounting in a car
  • Total weight from 5 kg
  • User weight up to max. 70 kg

Stimulite® Corbee Paediatric Cushion

The Stimulite Corbee cushion protects children against the leading causes of decubitus ulcers by providing maximum pressure relief, reduced shearing and ventilation to control heat and moisture. Honeycomb’s innate ability to uniformly distribute weight, contour to any shape and stabilize any sitting position makes the Corbee cushion suitable for a wide variety of anatomies and disabilities. Weighing no more than 2 pounds (900g) the 2 inches (5cm) thick Corbee is an easy-care cushion for recreational and everyday use.

Stimulite® Contoured Paediatric Cushion

Designed for positioning and comfort, the Stimulite Contoured Paediatric cushion consists of a soft top layer fused to a firmer bottom layer of a flexible Stimulite honeycomb. Adductors, abductors and an ischial dish comfortably position the child, while the soft honeycomb cells hold him or her securely in place. By providing optimum pressure relief, stability, shear force reduction and ventilation, this very comfortable cushion helps protect children’s skin against pressure sores. At 2½ inches (6.35cm) thick and weighing no more than 2 pounds (900grams), this cushion is suitable for all activities.

Benoit Light Drive Mini

  • Light Drive Mini perfectly fits kids’ wheelchairs from 32cm seat width and 40cm distance between the wheels. Once fitted, your child will be able to drive on all types of terrain and overcome obstacles easily.
  • Fitted with our power add-on, your wheelchair is as easy to manoeuvre as well as when it was purely manual.
  • You can free wheel whenever you want with a simple shift of the clutch handles. Robust and reliable, the Light Drive Mini offers a perfect solution for the intensive use that one can expect from the daily use from a child or teenager
  • Light Drive Mini gives increased mobility for the youngest user

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