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The Wolturnus Basketball wheelchair is a first-class sports wheelchair. It’s strong, robust, light, and easy to manoeuvre at the same time and designed in accordance with international regulations.

The Wolturnus basketball wheelchair has been optimised in partnership with international players from German and Dutch clubs.

The frame is made of tempered 7020 aluminium, the strongest aluminium alloy that can be welded. The result is a first-class sports wheelchair with superior stability and low weight. It ensures that you can accelerate and switch directions faster than opponents.

The frame’s geometry is adapted to suit your size, strength and position on court. The chair is available as a fully welded customised version as well as a model with adjustable features. The adjustable features make it easy to adjust seat width, seat depth, back height, footrest height and sideguard height for a customised optimal sitting position. The frame is powder-coated, which makes the surface resistant to scratching, flaking, and corrosion and very easy to maintain.

Strong, light and extremely agile

  • Available with adjustable seat, rear axle and footrest.
  • Customised to suit your position on court.
  • Designed in accordance with international regulations.
  • Extremely agile and easy to accelerate.
  • Corrosion and scratch resistant powder-coated frame.
  • High stability and low weight.
  • Customised basketball wheelchair for experienced users.
  • Comes as fully welded or with multiple adjustable features.
  • Choose between fixed and adjustable rear axle.
  • Single or double anti-tip device for maximum stability on court.
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