Wolturnus Gitano

Stable, rigid and light

Starting from RRP £3,239.00

Customised active three-wheel wheelchair

The Wolturnus Gitano is a highly nimble three-wheel wheelchair for the experienced user who has good balance and who prioritise handling and manoeuvring. This wheelchair has been designed from scratch with the aim of achieving optimum synergy between strength, rigidity and weight. It has a fixed back and rear axle and a very light, strong frame, so all your energy is harnessed for propulsion.

The location of the single castor out in front ensures that rolling and turning resistance is hugely reduced. The minimalistic design also results in a low propulsion weight. The design means that Gitano is slightly longer than four-wheeled chairs, and that it is in a class of its own when it comes to manoeuvring.

  • Customised active three-wheel wheelchair
  • Fixed or adjustable rear axle
  • Product weight from 6 kg
  • User weight max. 130 kg
  • Fixed back
  • Centered single castor reduces the rolling and turning resistance significantly
  • Solid footplate with possible edges on all four sides, the footplate supports the feet effectively
  • The fully welded back as well as the fixed rear axle result in greatest possible strength and lowest possible weight.

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