Light Assist 2.1

The Light Assist 2.1 is designed for the attendants pushing the wheelchair. It acts like a powerful assistant preventing the attendant from exerting him or herself. Getting about becomes child’s play

Starting from RRP £4,500.00

With the Light Assist 2.1 pushing a person in a wheelchair does no longer depend on the attendant’s strength.

You will navigate pavements and other obstacles easily and all aided with extended push handles that will assist with even the highest curbs. It ensures complete safety uphill with its anti-tipper and downhill with its built-in motor brakes.

Make Life Easier for the Attendants

Light Assist 2.1 is so lightweight and easy to install on the wheelchair that you will no longer hesitate before getting outside. Thanks to its small dimensions it’s easy to transport by car and it will allow you to tackle the steepest slopes and gravel paths effortlessly.

It takes less than 15 seconds to install the Light Assist 2.1 on a wheelchair. Control your speed by turning the throttle handle fitted on one of the push handles.

Light Assist 2.1 improved mobility with increased simplicity

  • New storage for the handles
  • More ergonomic handle locking system
  • Extended choice of colours
  • New anti-tipper
  • More ergonomic clutch system
  • The standard battery for the device has a capacity of 19 ampere-hours (AH). Additionally, there's a smaller battery with a capacity of 11.4 AH available specifically for air travel.

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