Benoit Light Drive Mini

Light Drive Mini perfectly fits kids’ wheelchairs from 32cm to 40cm wheel to wheel. Once fitted, your child will be able to drive on all types of terrain and overcome obstacles easily.

Starting from RRP £5,295.00

Giving the youngest wheelchair users freedom

Fitted with our power add-on, your wheelchair is as easy to manoeuvre as well as when it was purely manual. You can free wheel whenever you want with a simple shift of the clutch handles. Robust and reliable, the Light Drive Mini offers a perfect solution for the intensive use that one can expect from the daily use from a child or teenager.

  • The standard battery for the device has a capacity of 19 ampere-hours (AH). Additionally, there's a smaller battery with a capacity of 11.4 AH available specifically for air travel.

Light Drive Mini gives increased mobility for the youngest user

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