Light Drive

Thanks to the Light Drive², you can now contemplate climbing steep slopes, riding over grass or travelling on gravel paths and be able to move about effortlessly, as you wish!

Starting from RRP £5,295.00

The Light Drive is a lightweight power add-on that turns manual wheelchairs into ultralight power chairs.

Thanks to its robust and reliable technology, users will experience increased mobility in everyday life, on almost any terrain, indoor and outdoor.

Attached and detached in seconds, compact and easily transportable in any vehicle will give wheelchair users independence to go where they want. Designed for all manual wheelchair users, whether occasional, temporary or permanent,

Turn your manual wheelchair into a powerchair in seconds

Using the inherent strengths of manual wheelchairs, our power add-ons give people the freedom to tackle many terrains, remove the logistical problems and turn the journeys into more about the destination than the challenge of getting there

You will be surprised by the lightness and simplicity of use of our power add-ons. They will not change either the overall dimensions of the chair, the folding ability nor the center of balance.

  • Tackles almost any terrain
  • Discreet & unobtrusive design
  • Suitable for all wheelchairs
  • Indoors & outdoors
  • Colour of your choice
  • Lightweight & transportable
  • Distance up to 15 miles
  • The standard battery for the device has a capacity of 19 ampere-hours (AH). Additionally, there's a smaller battery with a capacity of 11.4 AH available specifically for air travel.

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