Elevating Mobility Through Innovation at Susurro

At the heart of Susurro’s offerings lies a dynamic partnership with Motion Composites, a brand synonymous with innovation, quality, and enhanced mobility through advanced wheelchair technology. This collaboration is founded on a shared commitment to significantly improve lives by providing superior mobility solutions. Motion Composites stands out for its dedication to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in wheelchair design, focusing on creating lightweight, durable, and highly functional wheelchairs. Together, Susurro and Motion Composites aim to transform the mobility landscape, ensuring users experience a level of independence and life quality previously unattainable.

The Helio Series: A New Era of Wheelchair Innovation

The Helio Series by Motion Composites represents a groundbreaking leap in wheelchair technology, emphasizing lightweight design, durability, and user-centric innovation. Each model in the series is crafted with precision, offering unique benefits to cater to diverse needs and lifestyles. This section will explore the distinctive features and advantages of the Helio C2, Helio A7, Helio A6, and Helio Kids Carbon Fibre, highlighting their contributions to a new era of mobility.

Motion Composites HELIO C2 Wheelchair: Redefining Mobility

The Helio C2 epitomizes cutting-edge wheelchair design, offering unmatched performance and comfort. Crafted with precision, it sets a new standard in lightweight construction and technological innovation.

Experience the Performance: The Helio C2 prioritizes weight reduction without compromising strength or functionality. Carbon fiber integration and revolutionary components ensure enhanced mobility while minimizing strain on shoulders and joints, promoting long-term health.

Save Your Energy to Go Further: Featuring a symmetrical cross brace and rigid unibody frame, the Helio C2 maximizes energy transfer and propulsion efficiency. Its innovative Ultra Rigid Folding System enhances stability, while vertical axle plates optimize rear wheel stiffness for effortless maneuverability.

Optimal Seat-to-Floor Height: Designed for versatility, the Helio C2 offers adjustable seat-to-floor height, catering to individual needs. Whether for enhanced foot propulsion or challenging terrains, its innovative frame design provides unparalleled adaptability and comfort.

Uncompromising Reliability: Constructed from T700 High Tensile Strength Carbon Fiber, the Helio C2 ensures durability and reliability. Renowned for its fatigue resistance and ability to withstand extreme conditions, it guarantees years of faithful service.

The Helio C2 represents Motion Composites’ dedication to mobility innovation, offering users newfound freedom and confidence. With its lightweight construction, innovative features, and reliability, it redefines mobility standards, empowering users to embrace life to the fullest.

Susurro - HELIO C2

Motion Composites HELIO A7 Wheelchair: Ultimate Mobility

The HELIO A7 epitomizes versatility and agility, boasting unmatched maneuverability and adjustability to propel users further. Crafted with advanced technology and utilizing high-performance 7000-series aluminum alloy, it ensures effortless mobility.

Infinite Mobility: Utilizing the 7000-series aluminum alloy renowned for its strength-to-weight ratio, the HELIO A7 is one of the lightest folding aluminum chairs. Each component minimizes weight while maximizing responsiveness for superior handling.

Efficient Propulsion: The symmetrical hydroformed cross brace, oval tubing, and pivot axles work harmoniously to deliver remarkable agility. The unique folding system enhances stability and conserves energy, facilitating seamless navigation.

Adjustable Design: The HELIO A7 is fully adjustable, featuring a forged vertical axle plate for precise rear wheel adjustments. Composite armrests convert effortlessly, and height adjustment is a simple flick away.

Adaptable Comfort: With an innovative frame design, users can achieve a super-low front seat-to-floor height of 12 inches for enhanced contact or adjust beyond 20 inches for diverse needs, ensuring optimal comfort and functionality.

The HELIO A7 embodies Motion Composites’ dedication to mobility innovation, offering users unparalleled freedom and confidence in their daily lives.

Susurro-Helio A7

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Motion Composites HELIO KIDS CARBON FIBRE Wheelchair: Empowering Childhood Mobility

Designed to keep pace with the active lives of children, the Helio Kids wheelchair by Motion Composites embodies innovation and durability. Engineered with lightweight carbon fiber, this wheelchair enhances everyday mobility for children while ensuring exceptional strength and reliability.

Lightweight for Greater Freedom of Movement: The HELIO KIDS is among the lightest folding manual wheelchairs for children available, thanks to its high-performance carbon fiber construction. Every component, from flip-back footrests to forged aluminum axle plates, is meticulously selected to reduce weight and enhance maneuverability.

A Chair That Grows with Your Child: Recognizing the rapid growth of children, the HELIO KIDS wheelchair is designed to adapt alongside them. With easy seat depth adjustments and customizable footplate heights, children can remain comfortable as they grow. Additionally, the included growth kit enables seat width adjustments to accommodate evolving needs.

Saves Their Energy so They Can Go Further: An agile wheelchair is essential for children, which is why the HELIO KIDS prioritizes efficiency in propulsion. Its molded cross brace, oval tubing, and pivot axles work in harmony to maximize stability and conserve energy, empowering children to navigate their environments with ease.

Strong Enough to Keep Up with Your Child: Constructed from T700 carbon fiber, renowned for its strength and stability, the HELIO KIDS ensures durability to withstand the demands of childhood. Its rigid unibody frame enhances strength, providing long-lasting performance for years to come.

The HELIO KIDS CARBON FIBRE wheelchair offers not only mobility but also confidence and independence to children. With its lightweight design, customizable features, and robust construction, it enables children to embrace life’s adventures with vitality and joy.


APEX A and APEX C: Rigid Wheelchairs Redefined

The APEX A and APEX C wheelchairs from Motion Composites represent a paradigm shift in rigid wheelchair design, each offering a unique blend of technology, style, and adaptability. With innovative materials and meticulous engineering, these chairs redefine mobility, empowering users to live boldly without limits.

Motion Composites APEX A Wheelchair: Redefining Rigid Mobility

The APEX A wheelchair by Motion Composites introduces a new era of rigid wheelchairs, combining bold design with innovative materials for unparalleled performance. Crafted with triple-butted aluminum and a strategic touch of carbon fiber, this wheelchair strikes a perfect balance of modernity and lightness.

Nothing Less than Greater Mobility: The APEX A boasts AluLite aluminum alloy, known for its strength and lightness, combined with carbon fiber for unbeatable durability and ease of handling. Its design prioritizes ease of propulsion, ensuring users can navigate their environments with ease and confidence.

Uncompromised Stability: Despite its lightweight construction, the APEX A offers uncompromised stability and high-performance handling. The unique rigidizing bar maximizes stability while preserving reactivity, minimizing lateral movement for optimal propulsion and mobility.

Bold, Modern, and Refined Design: Not just a feat of engineering, the APEX A embodies thoughtful design and aesthetics. Every detail is meticulously considered to challenge stereotypes and create a head-turning wheelchair that stands out from the crowd.

Infinitely Adjustable: The APEX A wheelchair offers a wide range of settings for a fully customized experience. Back angle, seat-to-floor height, and rear wheel positions can all be adjusted to meet individual comfort needs. Laser-etched markings simplify the adjustment process, ensuring precise positioning for maximum comfort and mobility.

Susurro- APEX A

Motion Composites APEX C Wheelchair: Embodying Carbon Excellence

The APEX C wheelchair by Motion Composites redefines rigid mobility with a balanced blend of technology and design. Crafted with carbon fiber, it offers unmatched lightness, durability, flexibility, and style, setting a new standard for rigid wheelchairs.

A Lightness that Redefines Preconceived Notions: Constructed with the industry’s most advanced materials, the APEX C is incredibly light and strong. Its cantilever frame absorbs shocks and vibrations for optimal comfort, while its transport weight of 4.5kg ensures easy transportation wherever life takes you.

Optimized Handling: The APEX C’s unique rigidizing bar maximizes stability while preserving reactivity, ensuring optimal propulsion and mobility. Its sturdy construction reduces lateral movement, providing users with confidence and stability in their daily activities.

Bold, Modern, and Refined Design: In addition to its cutting-edge technology, the APEX C boasts a bold and modern design that challenges conventional wheelchair stereotypes. Thoughtfully designed details create a head-turning chair that combines style with functionality.

Unmatched Materials and Adjustability: Carbon fiber offers unparalleled strength and lightness, ensuring exceptional durability for years to come. Fully modular design allows for infinite adjustments, enabling users to customize their chair for maximum comfort and mobility.

With the APEX A and APEX C wheelchairs, Motion Composites sets a new standard for rigid mobility, empowering users to live boldly without limits. From innovative materials to thoughtful design, these wheelchairs embody the brand’s commitment to redefining mobility with style and functionality.

Motion Composites VELOCE Wheelchair: Unleashing Agile Mobility

The VELOCE wheelchair by Motion Composites embodies innovation and versatility, offering an ultralight folding design that caters to the needs of active individuals. With its state-of-the-art engineering and thoughtful design, the VELOCE ensures agile maneuverability, easy transportation, and personalized comfort for those leading an on-the-go lifestyle.

Incredible Lightness and Unlimited Adjustment Options: The VELOCE model stands out for its remarkable strength-to-weight ratio and fully adjustable features. Users can personalize their fit by adjusting front and rear seat-to-floor heights, seat angle, and center of gravity according to their preferences. This chair is celebrated for being one of the lightest and most practical folding models available, ensuring ease of use and portability.

Ideal for an Active Lifestyle: Perfect for active users, the VELOCE wheelchair facilitates easy transfers and seamless transportation. Its innovative design offers the performance and convenience of a folding chair while providing the comfort and stability of a rigid chair. Whether you’re exploring urban landscapes or embarking on outdoor adventures, the VELOCE adapts effortlessly to your lifestyle, ensuring exceptional handling wherever you go.

Attractive, Minimalist Design: The VELOCE wheelchair features a sleek and avant-garde design that turns heads wherever you venture. With its spirited Mantis frame, characterized by triangular tubing and carbon finish with color accents, the VELOCE exudes style and sophistication while maintaining a minimalist aesthetic. Its closed back and open front design further enhance its visual appeal, making it a statement piece for those who appreciate modern design.

Save Your Energy to Go Further: Ease of propulsion is a key highlight of the VELOCE wheelchair, providing users with remarkable agility and efficiency. The completely symmetrical molded cross brace and pivot axles work in harmony, while the unique folding system maximizes the frame’s stability and reactivity. This innovative design not only saves energy but also ensures a smooth and responsive ride, allowing users to go further with ease and confidence.

The Motion Composites VELOCE wheelchair is a testament to the brand’s commitment to unleashing agile mobility for active individuals. With its lightweight design, customizable features, and striking aesthetics, the VELOCE empowers users to navigate their world with freedom, style, and confidence.


Focused Features: Enhancing Mobility and Independence 

Motion Composites, in collaboration with Susurro, leads the way in revolutionizing mobility solutions with their innovative wheelchair designs. Across Motion Composites‘ extensive product range, including the renowned Helio series, the focus remains on enhancing mobility and independence for users.

Central to Motion Composites’ ethos is the integration of carbon fiber construction in their wheelchairs, a hallmark of strength and lightweight maneuverability. This choice ensures that users experience effortless mobility, facilitating greater freedom and independence in their daily lives. Moreover, Motion Composites prioritizes ergonomic design principles, ensuring optimal comfort and support to minimize strain and discomfort during prolonged use.

Susurro’s partnership with Motion Composites further enhances the accessibility and effectiveness of their mobility solutions. By providing personalized assessments, fitting services, and ongoing support, Susurro ensures that users receive tailored guidance and assistance throughout their mobility journey. This collaborative approach underscores Motion Composites and Susurro’s commitment to not only delivering top-tier products but also to providing comprehensive care and support to their users.

Furthermore, Motion Composites and Susurro offer extensive customization options, allowing users to personalize their wheelchairs according to their specific needs and preferences. From adjustable seat-to-floor heights to customizable seating arrangements, users can achieve a bespoke fit that optimizes both comfort and functionality.

In conclusion, Motion Composites and Susurro combine cutting-edge technology, ergonomic design, and personalized care to offer mobility solutions that redefine independence and mobility for users. Through their collaborative efforts, they empower individuals to navigate life’s challenges with confidence, dignity, and freedom.

Why Choose Motion Composites from Susurro? 

Choosing Motion Composites from Susurro means opting for more than just a wheelchair; it means investing in comprehensive mobility solutions tailored to individual needs. Susurro is committed to providing personalized assessments, fitting services, and ongoing support to ensure that users receive the most suitable mobility equipment for their specific requirements. This commitment extends beyond the initial purchase, as Susurro’s dedicated team continues to offer support and assistance throughout the user’s journey. Moreover, Motion Composites’ reputation for excellence in wheelchair design and innovation further solidifies Susurro’s position as a trusted provider of top-tier products. By choosing Motion Composites from Susurro, users can rest assured that they are receiving not only high-quality wheelchairs but also personalized care and support from a team that understands and addresses their unique mobility needs.