Wolturnus Racebike

The Wolturnus Racebike has been developed with the Wolturnus Pro Handcycling Team - it’s a handbike made for champions. The Racebike is the most advanced version of the Wolturnus Racebike.

Starting from RRP £6750.00

With a starting weight of 9kg (time trial version), this custom-made handbike breaks all weight records.

The Racebike combines low weight and high stability with perfect tuning and an aerodynamic design. The design focuses on optimal rigidity between the crank and back. This ensures that all your strength is transferred into speed. However, the latest edition has even more to offer: it is 400g lighter than previous models, the frame is in general 10% stiffer and the frame tubes are slimmer and lighter. The overall design has been optimised to improve the bike’s aerodynamics even further.

As every single Racebike is fully adapted to its user, the gear shifter and brakes can be positioned individually. Wolturnus offers the following upgrade options: Di2 electronic shifter, ceramic speed bearing upgrade, SRM Powermeter, Corima® wheels. In addition, a 250W electrical motor can be equipped for support.

Strong and lightweight for competitive use

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  • Aerodynamic design with low point of gravity
  • Fully welded anodised frame: corrosion, impact, and scratch resistant
  • Designed in accordance with UCI regulations
  • Powder-coated, heat-treated 7020 aluminium frame
  • Recumbent position
  • Weight from 9 kg
  • Equip your Racebike with a custom-made carbon seat and back, to facilitate weight reduction
  • The Racebike has a stiffer front frame and head tube construction
  • Corima® Carbon wheels are available for your Racebike.

Fast and stable for a kneeling position

The Racebike K is a customized kneeling position handbike. It is suitable for riders with full upper-body function and designed in accordance with UCI regulations.

The Racebike K is a kneeling position handbike for competitive use, particularly suitable for leg amputees and athletes with full upper body function. The special frame design allows an ideal seating posture and best possible aerodynamics.

The frame is made of heat-treated aluminium 7020, resulting in maximum stability and stiffness.

The configuration of the handbike, based on the optimal seating posture, allows the maximum transfer of power from the athlete to the bike, facilitating in climbing mountains with minimal effort. The users can choose between a wide range of powder-coatings for the frame, which makes the surface resistant to scratching, flaking, and corrosion and very easy to maintain.

As every Racebike K is fully adapted to its user, the gear shifter and brakes can be positioned individually and there is a large selection of accessories available for the Racebike K. The Racebike K can also be equipped with a 250W electrical motor for support.

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