Stimulite® Slimline & XS Cushion

Mild contour and profile make the Slimline ideal for active users

Stimulite® Slimline Cushion

The perfect cushion for active people and those at lower risk of decubitus ulcers, the ventilated 2¾ inch (7cm) thick, double layered Stimulite Slimline cushion is designed with a low profile and weighs only 3 pounds (1.36kg). Adductors, an abductor and a rear dish form a subtle contour for optimal comfort and support.

Stimulite® Slimline XS Cushion

Designed with a mild contour and low profile for active people. The ventilated Stimulite Slimline XS cushion features a soft top layer of specially engineered honeycomb fused to a bottom layer with sensitive skin. The compliant honeycomb cells contour to body shape enabling bony protuberances to sink into the cushion while supporting the surrounding anatomy freely. Light and comfortable, the Stimulite Slimline XS cushion is 2¾ inches (7cm) thick and weighs only 3 pounds (1.36kg).

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