Stimulite® Accessories

Fits over any cushion

Stimulite® On Top Cushion Cover

Starting from RRP £157.00

Don’t yet have a Stimulite cushion? Just put Stimulite on top of your current cushion, and like magic, your cushion will now breathe to control heat and moisture. This removable cover features a ¾inch (1.9cm) thick layer of Stimulite honeycomb that fits over any cushion, it’s also machine washable.

Stimulite® Sheepskin Cover

Starting from RRP £103.00

Supracor’s breathable cushion cover features 100% natural sheepskin on top. Able to stretch in multiple directions, this soft sheepskin cover prevents hammocking and is naturally breathable and odour resistant. This machine washable option is available for all Stimulite cushion.

Stimulite® Outdoor Cover

Starting from RRP £69.00

Made of a durable, black power mesh fabric, Supracor’s breathable outdoor cover features side vents and a slip-resistant bottom to meet the rigorous demands of sports, camping and everyday use. The outdoor cover is machine washable and dryer safe.

Stimulite® Waterproof Cover

Starting from RRP £69.00

This slick, stretch nylon waterproof cover will keep your cushion dry in the rain, at the pool or in the shower and is impervious to bodily fluids. Fits over any cushion and is machine washable and dryer safe.

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