The Wolturnus Tennis chair is the perfect partner for the competitve tennis player


The Wolturnus Tennis wheelchair is a highly specialised, customised sports wheelchair.

It’s lightweight, easy to manoeuvre and fast accelerating. This ensures, you can accelerate and switch directions faster than your opponents. The frame’s geometry is adapted to suit your size, weight, strength and abilities.

Wolturnus also takes the various court surfaces into consideration when building the individual tennis wheelchair. The Wolturnus Tennis wheelchair is designed with a narrow front end that makes it easier to swing your tennis racket. It comes with big tubes for extra stiffness, which allows you to turn faster. You can also choose between three or four wheels and fully welded or adjustable rear axle. With the sponsorship of Dutch Ruben Spaargaren, we have direct contact with a highly talented player. His feedback helps us to constantly improve and fine-tune the Wolturnus Tennis Wheelchairs.

Stable, light and agile

  • Customised
  • Two different designs: 3 or 4 wheels
  • Extremely easy to manoeuvre and accelerate
  • Fixed or adjustable rear axle
  • High stability and low weight
  • Choose between fully welded single centered or double anti-tip.
  • The Wolturnus tennis chair is available with Spinergy SLX rear wheels with extra stable carbon spokes.
  • Welded aluminium sideguards to reduce overall weight.
  • The knee support can be designed according to your individual needs and requirements.

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