Wolturnus Tukan

Elegant and robust for an independent life
Starting from RRP £3,750.00

The rigid wheelchair with open frame

Tukan is a strong, rigid wheelchair with open frame that gives the wheelchair a light and elegant look. The frame is made of aluminium 7020, which is the strongest aluminium alloy that can be welded. The open frame makes the Tukan easy to transfer and to stow in a car. The Tukan is the perfect choice for users, who live an active, mobile and independent life. The Tukan has the option of a fully welded backrest and rear axle. This makes it preferably suitable for experienced customers, who know all about their specific requirements and needs.

The Tukan A comes with optional adjustability. This ensures a maximum flexibility regarding the individual adjustment of the seating posture. The rear axle as well as the folding back and the footrest can be adjusted continuously.

  • Active rigid wheelchair with open frame
  • Available with fixed back or folding back
  • Extremely high stability and low weight
  • Propulsion weight from 9 kg
  • Max user weight 120 kg
  • Choose either detachable or fixed side panels.
  • The open frame allows an easy storage in a car.
  • Choose either fully welded back or folding back adjustable by angle and height.
  • Adjustable seat and back upholstery insure ergonomic, upright posture and pressure relief
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