Wolturnus Wing Back | ILSA®

Wing Back ILSA® (Integrated Lateral Support Adjustable) is a patented, registered back system that you can adjust according to your current needs.

Starting from RRP £413.00

Wing Back ILSA® is a real help for people who suffer from vertebral curvatures or scoliosis or kyphosis-related balance or back problems.

The back system positions the user in their wheelchair and keeps them in this favourable sitting position. This enables the wheelchair user to carry out their daily routines and tasks actively and independently. Our Wing Back system also has a positive precautionary effect, as it prevents possible future inclinations and curvatures. The greatest effect is achieved by using the wing back before the wheelchair user is affected by back pain or fatigue.

No other back system allows such great flexibility in seating positions. It can be adapted very quickly to the body of the user or to accommodate changing seat positions. Because the seating system is adjusted with Velcro fasteners, it can be adjusted to the respective seating position at any time – with millimetre precision.

With the Wing Back ILSA retrofit variant with ball clamps, you can also easily convert wheelchairs from other manufacturers! Wing Back is designed and manufactured in Denmark.

Straighten Up Your Day

Wing Back ILSA® Key Features:

  • Easy adjustment of height, width and depth
  • Improves balance and handling
  • Optimised trunk support
  • Different offset dimensions available
  • Can also be adjusted asymmetrically
  • Available as an integrated or retrofit option

A unique multi adjustable back system

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