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Susurro & Wolturnus: Revolutionizing Wheelchair Mobility Across the UK

In an era where mobility transcends mere necessity, becoming a gateway to freedom, independence, and quality of life, Susurro emerges as a beacon of innovation and excellence in the realm of mobility solutions within the United Kingdom. With a steadfast commitment to enhancing the lives of individuals, Susurro has distinguished itself as a trusted provider of high-quality wheelchairs, power assists, and adaptive accessories. At the core of Susurro’s mission lies an unwavering dedication to empowering users with state-of-the-art mobility solutions, promising not just movement, but a liberation to explore, engage, and thrive in every aspect of life. Central to Susurro’s distinguished portfolio is Wolturnus, a brand synonymous with durability, precision engineering, and cutting-edge design in wheelchair technology. The partnership between Susurro and Wolturnus marks a significant milestone towards a new mobility era, setting new standards in the sector and offering products tailor-made to enhance the user’s lifestyle and provide a seamless mobility experience.

Susurro: Innovating Mobility in the UK

Susurro stands as a pillar of innovation in the dynamic landscape of mobility solutions, dedicated to revolutionizing the wheelchair mobility sector in the UK. Founded on principles of empowerment, independence, and innovation, Susurro has quickly ascended as a pivotal player in providing advanced mobility solutions. From its inception, the recognition of the diverse and evolving needs of individuals requiring mobility assistance fueled Susurro’s mission to source and supply only the highest quality wheelchairs, power assists, and adaptive accessories. Through partnerships with leading brands like Wolturnus, Susurro ensures access to products that are not only at the forefront of mobility technology but also tailored to meet the unique preferences and requirements of its clientele. Each product in Susurro’s selection embodies the company’s commitment to quality, durability, and style, ensuring that every user can find their perfect mobility match. Beyond offering state-of-the-art products, Susurro invests deeply in the lives of those it serves, aiming to enhance the overall quality of life for wheelchair users through comprehensive consultation services and personalized mobility solutions.

Wolturnus: Excellence in Wheelchair Engineering and Design

Wolturnus, with its deep roots in Danish craftsmanship and innovation, has emerged as a global leader in the mobility industry. Known for its unique blend of robust engineering and sleek design, Wolturnus wheelchairs are the result of meticulous research and development, incorporating advanced materials and cutting-edge technology. Prioritizing the user’s comfort and independence, Wolturnus wheelchairs are customizable and feature ultra-lightweight frames, aerospace-grade materials, and precision-engineered frames for unparalleled stability and maneuverability. The impact of Danish engineering principles on the design and functionality of Wolturnus wheelchairs has set new standards in the mobility market, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in wheelchair technology.








WOLTURNUS W5 Series Wheelchairs

The WOLTURNUS W5 Series represents a cornerstone of versatility and quality in wheelchair technology. Designed to cater to a wide spectrum of mobility needs, the W5 Series includes three distinct models: the standard W5 for adult users, the W5K for Kids, and the W5D for those with Dynamic needs. Each model in this series emphasizes ergonomic design, ensuring users experience maximum comfort and optimal performance.


  • Standard W5: Crafted for adult users, this model combines durability with customization, offering a reliable and personalized mobility experience.
  • W5K for Kids: Specially designed for younger users, the W5K features growth adaptability and vibrant designs to encourage exploration and independence.
  • W5D for Dynamic Needs: Ideal for individuals leading an active lifestyle, the W5D provides enhanced maneuverability and support, keeping pace with the user’s dynamic needs.

WOLTURNUS W5 Superlight (W5 SL) Wheelchairs

The WOLTURNUS W5 Superlight (W5 SL) stands at the forefront of lightweight wheelchair design. Tailored for users who prioritize speed, agility, and ease of transport, the W5 SL merges ultra-lightweight materials with robust construction, offering unparalleled performance without compromising on strength.

  • Ultra-Lightweight Frame: Advanced materials ensure the W5 SL is exceptionally light, facilitating easy movement and transport.
  • Engineered for Performance: Designed with active users in mind, the W5 SL delivers efficiency and agility, allowing for seamless integration into a dynamic lifestyle.

WOLTURNUS W5 XXL Wheelchairs

The WOLTURNUS W5 XXL is crafted for individuals seeking a more substantial and robust wheelchair solution. Featuring a wider seat option and enhanced structural integrity, the W5 XXL combines comfort with reliability, offering a secure and customizable mobility experience for users with higher weight considerations.

  • Enhanced Strength: Built to accommodate higher weight capacities, the W5 XXL ensures durability and stability.
  • Customizable Comfort: Offers various adjustments for a tailored fit, ensuring users enjoy comfort and support tailored to their needs.



Designed for the youngest adventurers, these models prioritize safety, comfort, and growth adaptability. Lightweight frames and vibrant designs promote independence and mobility from an early age, making them perfect choices for children exploring their world on wheels.

WOLTURNUS Dalton & Dalton Light

The Dalton series is the epitome of balance between lightweight design and structural integrity. Ideal for daily use, these models offer a seamless mobility experience, providing comfort and performance with customizable features to suit individual preferences.


The Tukan stands out for its adaptability and ergonomic design. Its unique frame design not only ensures a comfortable fit but also enhances mobility, making it a reliable choice for users seeking a wheelchair that can adapt to a range of environments and activities.


Designed with the active user in mind, the Hawk merges durability with a lightweight frame to offer exceptional performance in sports and daily activities. Its agility and strength are unmatched, catering to users looking for speed and maneuverability.


For those who demand the pinnacle of innovation and design, the Merlin offers a blend of advanced technology and comfort. This model provides a smooth and responsive mobility experience, embodying Wolturnus’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of wheelchair technology.

Featured Wolturnus Models

Wolturnus’s wheelchair range exemplifies the brand’s commitment to quality, innovation, and user-centric design. The WOLTURNUS W5 Series offers versatility for adults, children, and active users, emphasizing ergonomic design for maximum comfort. The WOLTURNUS W5 Superlight (W5 SL) is engineered for performance, featuring an ultra-lightweight frame ideal for users seeking efficiency and ease of transport. For individuals requiring a more substantial solution, the WOLTURNUS W5 XXL delivers comfort and reliability with a wider seat option. Specialty models like the W5 Junior, Dalton, Tukan, Hawk, and Merlin cater to a wide range of needs, from young adventurers to active users and those seeking the utmost in innovation and design.


Susurro’s Vision for the Future

Looking ahead, Susurro plans to broaden its Wolturnus range with models embodying the latest advancements in wheelchair technology, aiming to bring cutting-edge innovations to users for greater freedom and independence. Committed to sustainability, Susurro is dedicated to sourcing sustainable materials and employing green technologies, reflecting a holistic approach to advancing wheelchair accessibility where progress is balanced with environmental stewardship.

Experience Wolturnus with Susurro: Enhancing Mobility

Embarking on a journey to enhanced mobility with Susurro and Wolturnus is a seamless and personalized experience. Susurro offers custom fittings, trials, and in-depth consultations to ensure that your wheelchair is perfectly tailored to your needs, preferences, and lifestyle. For those interested in experiencing the difference a Wolturnus wheelchair can make, Susurro is ready to assist through their website, email, or by phone, inviting you to schedule a consultation or learn more about the Wolturnus range.

A United Front in Mobility Excellence

The partnership between Susurro and Wolturnus is a testament to their commitment to mobility excellence, combining innovative design with unparalleled functionality. This collaboration is not just about providing wheelchairs; it’s about enhancing lives and offering the freedom to explore without limits. We invite you to discover the transformative impact of Wolturnus wheelchairs through Susurro and join us in embracing this new era of mobility solutions, where every journey is marked by excellence and every movement is a step towards independence.

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